• Michael Miller

    In May 2007, I woke up with a terrible pain in my left arm. After three days of steady pain, I made an appointment with my doctor in which he sent me to a Neurologist. After going through an MRI, it was found that I had a problem in my neck between the 2nd and 3rd vertebrae. I had an operation in which my vertebrae in my neck were fused with a piece of titanium. Everything was fine for about 6 months, and then I started having severe pain in my left arm and shoulder. I did not want to go through another operation, so I sought a holistic approach and chose acupuncture. I chose Dr. Hernandez. He knew how much pain I was in after talking with him. I was very much relieved of pain after the first appointment. I was so ever grateful and followed up with two more appointments. I was never in pain again. I did not have to prescribe to pain pills. To this day, I am still pain-free in my shoulder and left arm. Thank you very much.

  • Annette Hubbard

    I had pain in my thumbs and was diagnosed with Trigger finger, given braces to sleep with and did physical therapy got little relief but spoke with Oscar during a Acupuncture session and he recommended Laser Therapy, I did the series he offers and I no longer have to sleep with the braces, have pain or the thumb locking down!! What a relief!!!!

  • Greg Hilbert

    I was pretty skeptical going in for treatment on my Tendinitis on my elbow. Since October 08 , “ I have had pain and discomfort. Enough that I could not use my right hand to lift more than a small amount. My job performance actually suffered!” 1 treatment, 50% improvement, 2nd and I can do everything I couldn’t do, I am very satisfied! It is nice to be pain-free. Please before ever considering popping pills for pain, try the cold Laser, no side effects, and it works!

  • Natalija Barger

    I was experiencing high stress level and was really scared of my own reactions, snapping, saying something that should be said and could hurt me more that people I was interacting with. I am not type that will constantly use prescription pills that will make me dependable, so I ask Oscar to help me again (I have we been using herbs for circulation of lower extremities that help me tremendously), and he recommended me herbs for stress that help me stay sharp, but not reactive it also helped me with PMS symptoms as well. My mother was experiencing difficulties with her stomach, she was visiting from Europe two years ago and didn't want to go to Emergency, I called Dr. Oscar and he prescribed her herbs that helped her the same day. When she comes visit couple months ago she went to his office and orders some more herbs for different problems. I highly recommend to everybody I know his laser and herbal services, because I am using it and my family members use Dr. Oscar’s services as well.

  • Aradia Scott

    I have noticed so many positive effects of receiving Acupuncture and Cold Laser Therapy from Oscar. I notice that my right shoulder, which was heading to "Frozen Shoulder" has more range of motion because of the Cold Laser Therapy. I have found that I am so much more relaxed since getting Acupuncture and taking herbs for stress. My husband has always been the one in our family to keep me grounded, but ever since I've been getting Acupuncture, Cold Laser Therapy, and taking herbs for stress, for the first time EVER, I am keeping HIM grounded! Thank you so much Oscar, my life has improved immensely since coming to you for Acupuncture and Cold Laser Therapy and taking herbs for stress!

  • B. Gant, MT

    Desperate for relief, I called Dr. Hernandez and he got me right in. My first treatment for Sciatica was like night and day after being stooped over for two to three days. A few more acupuncture treatments and Chinese Herbs and I was back to 100%. Thanks to Dr. Hernandez and rest and relaxation, I am back to normal. Thank you Dr.

  • Gladys Giz

    Dr Hernandez has been my acupuncturist for the past three years. Initially I suffered from a low immune system due to not having a spleen. I also had a severe condition of tendonitis on my right hand. In addition, I suffer from severe PMS symptoms. Last year my father had open heart surgery and I spent my whole summer in the hospital taking care of him. Dr Hernandez has treated my low immune system by supplementing it with Chinese herbs. I used to be absent from work at least once a month. In the past three years I have not missed one single day of work due to illness. My tendonitis has disappeared due to the acupuncture treatments that I have been receiving for the past two years. My PMS has lessened to a great extent. I am still taking Chinese herbs for stress and PMS, but my symptoms have lessened considerably. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Hernandez for any type of condition you may have. Sincerely, Gladys Giz

  • Rev. Rayka

    I have been treated with acupuncture, laser and herbs by Oscar for the past 5 years for several medical issues. My biggest medical challenge came in early 2006 when I came down with a severe case of Shingles. The pain level was so high, that the strongest available medication was little help. I was not able to function. Presently, after three Laser treatments the pain level has drop by 60%. Now I’m happy to have my life back.

  • A. Mercer

    I use to be afraid of needles and would never do the Acupuncture, now it is a breeze. Oscar has helped me wonderfully. Also, I started taking herbs to lower my blood pressure and for stress, wonderful, can't say how much I appreciate all that Dr. Hernandez has done for me.

  • R. Daniel

    After being diagnosed as having Rheumatoid Arthritis several years ago, I decided it was time to try Acupuncture. Hence Dr. Hernandez was recommended by a friend. After 8 weeks of Acupuncture treatment and herbs, the pain has subsided noticeably and I can now walk without pain. There is no doubt in my mind that with continued treatment this condition must virtually disappear. Dr. Hernandez is extremely knowledgeable and is excellent in his ability to treat any problems.

  • A. Riley

    I first came to Dr. Hernandez in January because my blood pressure was dangerously high averaging around 196/102. My primary doctor put me on Norvasc 5mg and Diovan 160mg in an attempt to lower it. Oscar immediately put me on an herb for high blood pressure and also an herb to lower my stress from a challenging job. My blood pressure immediately began to drop and to this day my average is now a healthy and safe 120/62. I recently went on vacation with a friend who is also a patient of Oscar’s. I was suffering with heartburn and had neglected to bring my prescription Zantac. She suggested her herb that aids in digesting food and calms the stomach. I was thrilled when my heartburn went away. I continued to take the herb while on my trip and never suffered with heartburn again. As soon as I came back to town I went to see Dr. Hernandez for my own “heartburn” herbal tablets. Thank you!!

  • D. Harris

    My immune system was damaged by cholesterol medicine, I had severe migraines and then I was rear ended and suffered from severe whiplash. After seeking regular medical evaluations and treatments I decided on something more natural and proven so I went to an Acupuncture Clinic (started with Dr. Shiu and currently with Dr. Oscar). The results have been so amazing with the improvement in my immune system and lowering the pain level from the auto accident, also less frequent migraine, it’s wonderful. Chinese herbs are more proven than western medicine and safer and I'm a walking example of the results. I can now eat more things, my high cholesterol level is dropping, my pain level is lessened for both injuries and migraines and I'm getting back in control of my life.

  • Mrs. Barger

    All my life I was full of extra energy. That is important for me. Last fall I was constantly tired. I could not finish all things from my daily list and in a conversation with Dr. Oscar Hernandez he told me about herbal medicine that will help me get my energy back. I gave it a try and followed Oscar’s instructions (he explained to me that herbal Chinese medicine don't kick in immediately, I guess because they don't contain any chemicals) and after three days I felt that I got my energy back. That is why I always contact Oscar if I have any medical issues. Sincerely yours, Mrs. Barger